This is a beginners guide to validations, what they are, what they do, and a few handy examples.

The field is growing fast and it’s easy to get lost in the dozens of frameworks, libraries, and tools. To grow as a frontend developer, you have to cut through the noise and focus on the essential things.

Here are five tricks that I came across my research

Know your goal: become the best front-end developer possible. To achieve it, you have to make a plan. If you look at Twitter or job posts, you’ll often see lists of 10–20 things you need to know to call yourself a frontend developer.

The crazy thing is.

You don’t need to know…

Study-Routine for a Short Attention Span

Studying anything can be hard, and time consuming. Throughout my years of being a business owner, I’ve gone through a lot of different focusing techniques methods trying to successfully reach my goals. This year, I started my boot camp with Flatiron School, and it has been the most challenging for me as far as studying goes. Now that I’m back studying and learning, I noticed my attention span is NOT what it used to be. …

Hadi Chloun

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